Month: May 2019

Children sit in a circle on the floor hearing a book read to them.

Vacation Bible School

There are a few memories I have of church as a young child. One was that the pews were very hard. Another was that, being Southern Baptist in my earliest years, the communion elements passed right by me, and I couldn’t figure out why (had I done something wrong?). But, one of the most fun …

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Not in Kansas

Seldom can I come up with a title that’s guaranteed to alienate everyone from the state just west of Missouri. However, I’m not meaning to downgrade Kansas at all. Rather, I’m playing off the famous scene in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy has been transported into a beautiful, magical, mystical world. Being in awe …

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General Conference Update

Image: Mike DuBose / United Methodist News Service (UMNS) It’s only been a little over two months since the 2019 General Conference ended. However, it seems so much longer because so many things have happened. You will recall that the Traditionalist Plan, that kept the restrictive language regarding homosexuality and the church, while adding penalties …

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Photo of a group discussion with young adults in a semi-circle.

Discipleship WIN Team

Last year, in conjunction with setting goals/priorities through 2021, we developed teams of members and staff. Called WIN (What’s Important Now) teams, they’ve been working diligently in helping our church move forward; click here to get an overview of their work. I’ve asked the Discipleship WIN team to give us an update. We’re indebted to them and …

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