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Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

I was at a workshop about congregational hospitality. The speaker had started a mentorship ministry in his congregation; long-time members served as mentors for newer members. They were paired up for months, and even years. Often the initial mentor/mentee relationship became something else over time; frequently they became dear friends.

Someone in the workshop asked the presenter, “How do you know when a mentor relationship is successful? How do you measure it?”

Without pause, he said, “When the mentee knows which kitchen cabinet the mentor’s dishes are in.”

The line got a laugh, but he wasn’t actually joking. Their goal is for the hospitality of the mentor to be so authentic, so deep, and so natural that the mentee is comfortable helping herself to a glass of water or a snack from the pantry. They want the “mentee” to feel at home with the “mentor.”

Who in your life, besides people who live with you, knows which kitchen cabinet holds what in your house? Moreover, how many friends’ homes could you walk into and help yourself to a glass of water without feeling as if you were being rude?

“Home” is rarely a place. “Home” is usually a person, or your family, or a group of friends. “Home” is authentically embracing one another in our messiness, allowing another person to see inside our kitchen cabinets.

May we as the Body of Christ in the world today be a people with whom all can feel “at home.”


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