Missions Grants

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Missions Grants

What is the Missions Grant?

In 2019, the Missions Team began wondering how we could better serve our community partners and internal missions ministries and empower them to achieve big goals. We desire to be good stewards of the generosity of our parishioners, and endeavor to use our resources responsibly to make a difference for Christ in the world. Through this commitment, we developed a grant form where our community partners and missions ministries can have a conversation with us and tell us directly what their big goals and dreams are. Through this process, we aim to support the empowerment of our partners and their ideas.

The Missions Grant is adapted from the Missouri Common Grant Application, and was created by Director of Missions Autumn Dennis with the support of the Missions Team.

Who should apply for a Missions Grant?

We have separate forms for External Community Partners and Internal Missions Ministries. These are defined as follows:

  • An External Community Partner is a 501c3 non-profit organization separate from Manchester UMC that serves the community. At this time, these partners will apply to be considered to receive funds from the Christmas and Easter offerings, which are disbursed within two months of that holiday.
  • An Internal Missions Ministry are those missions ministries that are apart of the Missions Department of Manchester UMC. At this time, these ministries will apply to be considered to receive funds from the General Missions and Communion offerings, which are disbursed in the first two months of the calendar year.

How can my organization/ministry apply? Which application should I complete?

Internal Missions Ministries shall submit a “Missions Grant for Internal Ministries.” External Community Partners shall submit a “Missions Grant for Community Partners.” Click the appropriate button to download. Please pay close attention to download the correct application.

All applications must be submitted electronically to Autumn Dennis, Director of Missions.

When should I submit my application?

These applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, however determinations for the following offerings will follow this timeline:

  • Applications for the 2019 Christmas offering are now closed. To be considered for this offering next year, please have your application in by August 2020, date TBD.
  • We are not currently accepting applications for the 2020 Easter Offering.
  • Applications for the 2019 Missions General and Communion offerings are open and should be submitted by Friday, November 15th. At this time, we are only accepting applications from internal missions ministries.

For more information or any questions, please email Autumn Dennis, Director of Missions.