Deepen your relationship with God thru our Growth Track program. These classes can be taken independently and in any order. They dive deeper into fundamental beliefs and teach tools to help you find your calling, serve others, and serve God.

Core Beliefs

 We’ll explore what Christians believe about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as well as humanity, the Bible and the Kingdom of God. We’ll also discuss our Wesleyan heritage as United Methodists.

Spiritual Types

Discover how different spiritual types tend to learn about, worship, and connect with God. Knowing your spiritual type and preferences can help you choose meaningful faith experiences.

Spiritual Practices

Explore how prayer, solitude, Sabbath, Scripture, journaling, and other spiritual practices and rhythms can deepen your relationship with God and support you through the seasons of life.

Gifts & Abilities

Discover how your spiritual gifts and abilities, along with your personal experiences and passions, might shape how you love and serve people in our church, community, and beyond.


Learn how to nurture a generous spirit to support the mission and ministry of the Church, which is to care for lost, hurting, and vulnerable people in our neighborhoods, communities, and world.