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Zacchaeus Week

Zacchaeus Week

Great news, everybody! It’s Zacchaeus Week!

Sunday morning’s scripture will feature everyone’s favorite wee little man, featured in Luke 19.

I mean, come on, who doesn’t love the Zacchaeus story?   He’s the guy who dared to host Jesus literally at his own house. Can you imagine? Hosting Jesus at your house? What if he just showed up one day and said, “Hey dude, I’m coming over!” Would you panic, run home right away, and immediately begin cleaning? 

You don’t want Jesus to see those dirty dishes in your sink; am I right?

I think Zacchaeus has something to teach us, though. He’s so much more than just a “wee little man.” When he hosted Jesus, something within him changed. He became a better version of himself.

So yeah, it’s Zacchaeus week, and I’m pretty excited. Because like Zacchaeus, I’m pretty sure all of us can be better versions of ourselves, if we will welcome Jesus into our lives. Even with (especially with) dirty dishes in the sink. 

Hospitality ought to impact the host as much as the guest. See you Sunday!


Defying Gravity Small Group Experience
4-Week Conversations starting Sept. 28

Have you signed up yet for this exciting 4-week all-church faith journey? We will explore Tom Berlin’s short book, “Defying Gravity: Break Free from the Culture of More.” Each conversation lasts just one hour and there are 19 daytime or evening groups to choose from. Check the website for more info and class listing.


Charge Conference Set
Oct. 13, 5:45p, Rm 141
Our Leadership Board has scheduled a Charge Conference. Our District Superintendent will attend. All members are welcome. Voting members are the Leadership Board and retired clergy whose Charge Conference is at Manchester UMC.